Who are we

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Demo ImageDear Friend, a few words to introduce ourselves, to try to express our feelings towards you, even if we do not know personally, and explain why our commitment and our dedication. We are a group of people, of different ages, cultures and backgrounds, united by a single experience of faith and an only desire.

The experience we are talking about is one that each of us has lived and lives every day, since we personally met Jesus Christ and let him get into our lifes, receiving the forgiveness of our sins, the promise of eternal life and joy of a life transformed by His amazing grace.
The same experience that you can do, if you have not already done so, going with your heart by faith, even at this very moment, at the foot of the cross, confessing all your fault, whether large or small, and getting yourself into the seed a new life in Christ.
Do not talk about a new religion, nor a new doctrine, since our only foundation is the Bible, which we accept as the Word of God, and our faith is founded only in Christ, as it presents him as "the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world "(how many times you have heard this phrase!).
And here we come to our great desire, sharing the great joy of the new life in Christ, the peace that only a restored relationship with God the Father can give, and the power that the Holy Spirit can donate to deal with life's problems and to live this life itself. This desire is born from the love that God has put in our hearts, which is poured out and try to reach everyone who is around us. And through this website, whoever is on the web! God bless you!