Assemblies of God in Italy

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The Evangelical Christian Churches "Assemblies of God in Italy" (A.D.I.) is a direct offshoot of the revival movement, born simultaneously and independently in the beginning of the last century in different countries of the world; when, Christians of various denominations came together in the pursuit of power from the above, and received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the manifestation of "speaking in tongues", or speak with other tongues, as had happened on the day of Pentecost and how it was repeated to ' beginning of each religious awakening.
These believers, inflamed by the power of God, became fervent witnesses of the Gospel message, which included in addition to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, even the healing of the body to the same faith and Baptism in the Holy Spirit as an experience subsequent to the new birth with the manifestation of the scriptural sign language.

From the historical point of view, the Italian movement, is connected with the great evangelical revival in Los Angeles in 1906, from which the Pentecostal message spread rapidly in all European Union countries and reached Chicago a group of Italian Protestants, who soon organized their own community. From this church Italian left towards the end of 1908 James Lombardi, a faithful servant of God, without any education or training in theology, except the one given to him by the Holy Ghost fire and passion for the lost. He founded several small communities in Rome, Liguria and Abruzzo. In the following years, as a result of faithful witness of other immigrants returned to Italy, were established churches and groups.

The years 1935-1944 marked the period of great persecution, during which they were arrested en masse found believers to celebrate the worship of God, in private houses or in the country, resulting in sentences to confinement in police or prison. But this difficult time not destroy the work accomplished and after the war, as soon as it was possible to resume talks between the existing community, it was discovered that the repression had not drawn any church, but rather if they had formed new ones, as a result the faithful witness of the exiles.

After the clandestine period, the regained freedom, the Pentecostal movement continued the work to which the Lord had called him and developed a spontaneous, zealous new evangelization activities, generously encouraged by the Italian brotherhood of the United States, most of the which was organized as a "Christian Churches in North America."
Arose, therefore, new churches and groups scattered 'everywhere and this evangelical revival produced a recrudescence of persecution fueled by old prejudices and aversions against the Pentecostal movement. The conductors of the churches of Italy, then gathered in the General Assembly in 1947, taking note of this new situation of intolerance, and they decided they asked for the legal recognition of the movement in order to perform in total freedom 'cult activities and work propagation in Italy message "All the gospel."
Government authorities demanded, then, is a declarative act that was to be issued by a legally recognized association of sister churches in other major nations that would guarantee the seriousness and intent of the Italian movement, in order to end all intolerance and pave the way for the recognition Legal, therefore, was asked such a certificate to the "Christian Church of North America", but that time they were only a de facto association could not issue the document and advised to provide in any other way. Spontaneously, then, the "Assemblies of God USA", organization of sister churches legally recognized in all EU Member States, offered their cooperation and involvement by signing the document must, recognizing the Italian movement, guaranteed the absolute autonomy .
This has enabled the "Assemblies of God in Italy" to obtain legal recognition with DPR December 5, 1959 n. 1349 and then to be able to exercise freely the public and private worship as well as the work of evangelization.
The Italian community, fulfilling their vocation they never tire of proclaiming "All the gospel" with the simplicity and fervor of the Christian church of the apostolic age, spontaneously and generously encouraged, especially during the difficult period of national reconstruction, churches sisters of Italian origin: the Christian Church of North America, the Italian Pentecostal Church of Canada, particularly interested in the rise and assistance to new groups and churches and the work of "Bethany Village" and the nursing home "Emmaus" that currently constitute the '"-Bethany Evangelical Institute Emmaus" with the respective departments to childcare and care for the elderly. The Assemblies of God in U.S.A. and the Italian District of the Assemblies of God USA which encouraged the activities of Sunday schools, publications and the work of the Biblical Italian.
Another activity of note is the work of evangelization, edification evangelical and social elevation of the "Italian Christian Churches of Northern Europe" organized among Italian immigrants in Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Luxembourg and Switzerland. These Italian communities who carry out their work of witness encouraged and supported by the "Christian Church of North America," with the work of advice and assistance of the "Assemblies of God in Italy," are closely linked in a relationship of fellowship with community in Italy.
Recently, as a result of the Understanding between the Government of the Italian Republic and the "Assemblies of God in Italy", in implementation of Article 8, third paragraph, of the Constitution, the evangelical churches ADI have regulated their relations with the State through the Law November 22, 1988, n. 517.