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Radio Gospel
Gospel radio - Gospel radio broadcasts in various parts of Italy to local character. By accessing the link below you will see our local stations over the air, some of these local stations have their own websites and are also listenable online.

ADI - Assemblies of God in Italy
ADI - Assemblies of God in Italy Evangelical Christian Churches - Assemblies of God in Italy \ n -> - Moral Authority of Worship DPR 12/05/1959 n.1349 - Law 517 of 22.11.1988.

ADI-AID distance adoptions for children
ADI-AID is a service of the "Assemblies of God in Italy" with a strong missionary vocation, which operates for the benefit of orphans and destitute semiorfani residing in the poorest regions of the world. We deal in particular for remote support, and thanks to those who adhere to our project, we ensure to many children the full board, accommodation where necessary at specific structures, the clothing, the 'health care, education through appropriate programs and of course, the moral and spiritual care. In this way, the Lord is allowing us to reach with the Gospel message to those social realities that normally remain on the margins of all the companies. Of course, this missionary work can not be done without the guidance and help of the Lord, remembering the words of Jesus Christ: "Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of these my brethren, you did it to me "(Matthew 25:40).

Service publications of the Assemblies of God in Italy.

Christian Today
CHRISTIANS TODAY "Christian Today" is the publication of the Evangelical Christian Churches "Assemblies of God in Italy" created with the aim to reach the hearts with the joyful message of "All the gospel." The name of the header has the objective to bring to a living faith in Jesus Christ, the Lord, to be faithful to the Word of God in doctrine and practice of the Christian life. The publication serves as a tool for evangelization and a means of edification for believers. Evidence of this will have address books and articles on topical issues addressed in the light of the teachings of the Word of God The monthly magazine, which saw the light in 1981, he continued publications continuously for over twenty five years and reach thousands of people in Italy , supporters and believers is supported by the voluntary offerings of the readers. The pastors who work writing articles and submitting news are not being paid and their contribution is spontaneous and voluntary. The newspaper maintains a direct style, simple and straightforward, as we want to continue to be the witness of our faith in Christ.

ADI for the spread of the Gospel in Italian Sign Language (LIS) to know the word of God to the deaf.